Portable Rock Drill for paleomagnetic sampling



The new MMPRD is a purpose built lightweight portable drill weighing only 7 kg  powered by a quiet, easy starting, powerful, reliable but lightweight 33cc two-stroke motor driving one of our hard-wearing water lubricated diamond tipped drill bits. The lightweight motor develops 1.2kW (1.6 HP). The MMPRD is controlled by a convenient finger trigger on the rear handle. The front handle can be left or right hand mounted and the fuel tank has a large capacity allowing long periods of uninterrupted drilling. The maximum drilling speed is 1500 rpm, ideal for drilling geological samples with a 1″ diamond corer.

The MMPRD comes complete with a pressurised water container and quick release stainless steel hose fittings.

MMPRD manual


Wide selections of suitable diamond core bits up to 4” in diameter are available at competitive prices. Non-standard core bits can be supplied at short notice.