AVFTB (Advanced Variable Field Translation Balance)

This exciting new rock magnetic instrument is not just a CURIE BALANCE but an ultra sensitive variable field translation balance (MMAVFTB) that can perform many different tasks. It can measure CURIE TEMPERATURES up to 800 deg C, VARIABLE TEMPERATURE (-180 to +800 deg C) IRM acquisition and BACK FIELD, and all of the following at VARIABLE TEMPERATURE (-180 to +800 deg C) HYSTERESIS LOOPS, FORC DIAGRAMS, IRM and MAGNETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY all fully automatically using our sophisticated windows software.IRM and susceptibility



First Order Reversal Curves (F.O.R.C. Diagrams)

It is the ideal instrument for research in Rock Magnetism and Environmental Magnetism and can measure weakly magnetic materials (sandstone,limestone, loess, soil etc). See the thermomagnetic and hysteresis curves of the same marine sediment consisting of calcareous microfiossils. Diamagnetism dominates the hysteresis curve at high magnetic fields. A low field of 0.063 Tesla was used to obtain the thermomagnetic curve and reduce the diamagnetic signal.

See also IRM acquisition curves at 15 and 300 deg C, a low field (0.063 T) thermomagnetic curves, and hysteresis curves at 15 and 300 deg C

The new MMAVFTB uses an electromagnet to generate the field (maximum field approximately 1.2 Tesla) and can measure between -180 and +800 deg C with RMS noise of 10-6emu. Maximum sample weight 500mg It can simultaneously measure the reversible and irreversible components of magnetisation and their temperature dependence. An important feature that allows the behavior of the remanence carriers to be separated from those that do not carry a stable remanence.Picture

MMAVFTB with anti-vibration frame