Portable Spinner Magnetometer

Portable Spinning Magnetometer (PSM) is the world’s most compact and affordable device for measurement of remanent magnetization of standard, homogeneous one-inch core samples. It is also the only device on the market which has ability to indicate the level of the sample’s homogeneity. PSM has a rugged and lightweight design which together with the shipped tripod and battery lasting for 2-5 days makes it a perfect device, not only for a tabletop, but also for field work.

PSM can be operated standalone and remotely from PC. The device is equipped with a graphic LCD display and control knob which facilitate the standalone operation. They allow for full control of the device without need to connect to an external computer. The device can also store results of measurements on the inbuilt SD card, so that the user does not have to note down the measurement results. Alternatively, the device can be fully controller from PC connected through USB interface. We provide a Windows based software that allows for control of the device, storing and manipulation of the measurement data. On special request, we can also provide a library that will allow for smooth integration of the PSM with the customers’ custom laboratory software. The device was designed with ease of use and maintenance free operation in mind. The inbuilt gravity compensation mechanism allows for smooth and effortless sample exchange. The calibration is performed with a single calibration sample and there is no need for any mechanical adjustment of the device. The system is also automatically adjusting the attenuation and number of rotations depending on the sample’s strength. Thanks to a sensor which detects the lowered sample the measurement progresses automatically you only have to raise and rotate the sample. Throughout the measurement there is no need to press any button. All these features significantly simplify and accelerate the measurement process. Please contact us should you have any questions about the product or would like to ask for a quotation.

System Specifications

RangeA/m: 1×10-3 – 1×104
Sensitivity A/m*: 1×10-4  
Precision%< 5
Sample sizein⌀1 x 1 (cylinder)
Continuous measurement time h> 10
Dimensions (WxDxH)cm20 x 10 x <28
Weight kg3.5
Spinning frequencyHz1-5
DC power supplyV12-20 (recommended 19V)
* Specifications provided for homogeneous samples.

Mechanical Dimensions


Product Content

The following items are delivered in PSM package:

Calibration sample1
Sample holder2
Power adapter (110-240V)1
Car lighter plug1
USB cable1
Rugged suit case (IP67)1


[1] Battery life depends on the intensity of use. For details see the specifications section.