9 Tesla Pulse Magnetiser

This sophisticated high field instrument for creating Isothermal Remnant Magnetizations (IRM’s) can accurately generate pulsed fields of up to 9 Tesla, a much higher field than most conventional pulse magnetizers.
With other pulse magnetizers the operator sets the peak field and hopes that the actual field is the same as the set field, this is often not the case.

The MMPM10 allows the operator to accurately set the field on either the mTesla or Tesla range using a digital display, once the MMPM10 is triggered it measures the actual peak field and displays it so you can be certain of the peak field value that your sample received.

The MMPM10 is equipped with 2 coils, the largest coil will accommodate 1″ palaeomagnetic cores in any orientation for IRM anisotropy studies. The large coil is 38mm in diameter and has a maximum pulse field of 2.5 Tesla. The smaller coil is 12.5mm in diameter and has a maximum pulse field of 9 Tesla.